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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Daughter came up yesterday with the kids.  Hard to believe granddaughter is 1 today.  I swear time goes by faster the older I get.  Anyway, she was able to get some stuff done on the 'puter including some blogs.  Grandson finally cleaned off the "train" table upstairs so we could let loose the hex bugs.  When they are scurrying around they look so much like cockroaches it isn't funny.  But yet it is.
I loaned daughter the money needed to get her landline turned back on.  If her good for nothing ex would pay her what he owes her she'll be able to keep it on.  I don't like the idea of her not having a way to call for help if needed while at home.  The cell phone is going to have to stay off for now.  The internet also.  I told her yesterday that while I'm gone she and J are welcome to come up and stay.  I'm leaving the laptop here so J can get on and catch up on his gazillion emails, etc.  I'll take my "minimom" with me so I can keep up with emails while I'm on the cruise.  I hate to come home with God only knows how many emails, most of which are junk.
Y'all have a happy day and remember:  The only thing children wear out faster than shoes is parents....John L. Plomp

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HermitJim said...

Nice of you to help the daughter get the land-line turned on. Guess that she does really need one with young ones around!

Glad you're going to try and stay in touch while your on your trip. We would miss ya

You take care!