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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Our quilt guild has been invited to have an exhibit at the Athens Botanical Garden and some of us will be headed that way today to hang the 40 or so quilts for it.  I've never been to the Garden so it will be an experience.  We'll be having a reception on the 15th so if anyone reading this is local, come on by.  I will have a small piece on exhibit but it won't be for sale since I messed up the label on the back.  Besides, I think it will look good hanging in my house. 
Outside looks like one of those scary movie sets.  There's a ground fog and bare trees.  All it needs is sound effects.
I'll be a happy camper if the sun shines today.  It's been gray too long.
Guess I'll get a move on.  Have to meet the group in an hour.  Y'all have a bright day and remember:  don't let your cat think outside the box.

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HermitJim said...

Good luck on the quilt show!

Always fun to meet folks with like interest. Who knows? Might get into a very good group of new friends!

Have a great day!