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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Slept in today.  Odd to wake up with the sun already up and shining bright.  Guess Miss Cleo decided to be kind.
Going to my grandson's 9th birthday party today.  It's at Chuck E Cheese.  Say a prayer for me.
Bought a new mattress set for the guest room yesterday.  Had a coupon for a significant amount off and it was needed, so why not?  Will get one for me in the near future.
Am making progress on the wrap I'm knitting.  I may even get it finished in time for my trip next month (lol).  I have to really be concentrating when I'm working on it since those pesky yarn overs seem to be forgotten every once in a while and taking out 291 stitches, after it's discovered in the next row, and of course the mistake is way at the beginning, is not fun.
Guess I'll get to it, whatever it is.  Y'all have a sunny day and remember:  cats rule.

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