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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Don't know if I'll be posting anything while I'm away on my trip.  Internet time costs quite a bit on board ship.  I will check email, but that's about it.
Going to the gallery today.  This is the last few days until March since those of us who are there all the time will be gone for a while during the month of Febru-ugly.  Guess you could say that January has been ugly here, too.  A lot of rain and gray days.  Will be very glad to get into the sunshine (I think I've said that before, yes?).  It's another gray day and it's supposed to rain tomorrow.  Ugh.
Was somewhat reluctant to take on another cat but am glad now I did.  She is most amusing and makes me smile.  Not much can make me smile or laugh when I first wake up but she has managed to so do.
Tried my hand at Quibids.  Not sure I'll continue after I've run out of bids but I did "win" some camera memory cards for 2 cents.  Of course the tax was 28 cents and shipping is $3.29.  Only reason I got 'em was because mine was the only bid.  Will check out what they might have today.
With that I'll bid you good day.  Remember:  the fundamental job of a toddler is to rule the universe...unknown.

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