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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Errands day

Ordinarily I would be at the gallery today but I got someone to cover for me today and I'll cover for her on the 24th.  I have a lot to do!  See, we celebrate the Winter Solstice in my house so I have family coming and must clean, clean, clean (ugh).  There are also plates of goodies to be delivered and some cooking to do.  You know how it is.  Grocery shopping comes in there as well as a visit to the vet, the dealership for maintenance on the van, the podiatrist for the yearly exam, etc., etc.  So it isn't like I have all day every day to clean and get stuff delivered.  It'll get done, though and I'll be ready when family arrives with friend in tow.  It's going to be interesting to watch the youngest (who will be two next month!) react to the tiny tree I'll put up and all the gifts, especially the ones the Holly King brings.  (Well we had to have some explanation other than Santa Claus.)
Y'all have a calm weekend and Merry ChrismaHannuKwanzaKa, Yule all.


Sixbears said...

Sounds like fun. My lovely wife and I are going to a party tonight, so they are the ones who had to clean, not us. :)

HermitJim said...

Cleaning for company is never fun, but the look on the kids faces makes it all worthwhile!

Have a great day!