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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Getting ready

It's Tuesday....the day my daughter comes to play.  Today will be gift wrapping day.  Everything for the kiddies was shipped here so there wouldn't be any spying about what the Holly King might bring.  We're also going to look for a stocking for the little one.....one of her own since big brother has his own.  As for me...everything is already wrapped since I didn't want daughter snooping either.  That which needed to be mailed has been.  I have two 4 ft trees..one for inside and one for outside for the birds.  I'm hoping to get everyone in the spirit by helping make a cranberry and popcorn garland for the outside tree.  No reason the birds and tree rats shouldn't share in the season.  Who know what other critters might participate.  If I can get some pine cones there'll be peanut butter and birdseed covered cones on the tree.  And the reason for such a small tree inside?  A two-year old who loves to climb and explore.  The tree will be placed on a table in front of the fireplace (it's too warm for a fire indoors and we'll have one outdoors) and a gate will be around it so she can't get to it.  Guess that means I'm pretty much prepared I guess.  Now all I have to do is clean, clean, clean.  Oh, and make meringues to distribute.
How are you faring?
Y'all have an exquisite day and remember....what doesn't kill you only delays the inevitable.


HermitJim said...

Sounds like you are getting everything all ready! I can just see Sprout climbing up the tree!

I think the outside tree for the critters is a real good idea!

Momlady said...

Thanks for stopping by Steve.
Jim, I'm sure K and J will have plenty of pictures to share.