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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

It's white out there

It's snowing...again.  This time it's a very fine dense snow, that can't decide which direction it wants to come from.  There's a dusting of it all the way to my front door which means the wind must have kicked up during the night.  My whole porch is covered including the seat of the bench swing!  At the moment I still have power but if the snow turns to freezing rain that could change.  Luckily I have wood on the porch, with a coat of snow, so I can at least have a fire in the fireplace and, if necessary, in the wood stove in the basement.  Wouldn't be the first time.  I also have a bit of dry wood on the back porch.
I don't plan on going anywhere but started the van just in case (wanted to make sure it would start).  Sooo glad I had remote start installed.  Didn't go anywhere yesterday either.  Did get some sorting and such done both in the den and basement.  It's slow going but I plan on doing a little every day.
This weather is crazy.  Last week it was fairly mild.  Sunday it's supposed to be in the high 50's or more.  At least I made it down to the pond before this craziness.  I know I'll have to go down again when it warms up a bit. 
Saturday is my daughter's birthday and I'm going to take her out to lunch.  There's a Thai restaurant we both really like and that's where she wants to go.  Sunday I'll be helping her move someone's stuff.  Luckily she has a friend who will watch the kids while we're busy.
Guess I'd better get a move on.  Don't have anything concrete planned.  Guess I'll just putter about, maybe get some more sorting, throwing away done.
Y'all have a peaceful day. 


CottonLady said...

Stay safe! I hear it's not too great over there. Hope you don't get too much ice, that can sure bring the damage to trees, etc.

Hope you had a good time last week.


Momlady said...

CL. had a great time and got quite a bit done. When the weather got bad I stayed home.