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Saturday, April 22, 2017


Heard a noise the other night when we had a gully-washer come through.  The next morning I saw what it was.  Half the gutter in the back of the house had come down.  Hoped I could do something about it myself but, no.  So I called someone I found in the yellow pages.  He came out and was amazed that the whole system hadn't come down because of what was attaching the gutter to the house.  The weight of the trash that had built up was just too much.  Partly my fault for not getting it cleaned in the fall.  A friend had put me in touch with a guy but he never showed and I just forgot about it.  Too much else on my mind I guess.  I used to clean it myself by climbing out on the roof but age and wisdom kicked in.  So I'll let the pros do it from now on.  At any rate the pro came out, looked at it and gave me a price I can live with.  Actually I'm going to get them all redone as I don't want any other gutters detaching.  I'll have his guys clean 'em, too, when the time comes.  Sometimes it's wiser to have a pro do the job even though it kicks you in the wallet.
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HermitJim said...

I was just thinking about my gutters yesterday. They really need a good cleaning. I gave up on trying to do stuff like that long ago. I'm too brittle and old to try and tackle it, ya know?

Momlady said...

Since I've already broken a leg twice I've decided that it's cheaper to hire someone than pay a hospital bill.