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Sunday, August 2, 2009

It's raining....a perfect day to go play at the gallery, thereby avoiding that which must be done at home...like laundry. Played yesterday also to make up for the day in the week that I missed and am playing again today because I will be late this week. The power company is finally coming to do that home check thing that lets you know just how much your house leaks air. They're going to fall down laughing at my log house 'cause it leaks air like a sieve. The upside is that they will tell me what I need to do to up the efficiency of my AC unit....which means replacing it.....and the upside to that is that the payments for said replacement are spaced out on my power bill and I get to choose the contractor for the installation of said new and better unit. I just happen to have a neighbor who is one of their contractors and is a very conscientious HVAC installer. Soooo....even if he is not the lowest bid I'm choosing him (I know where he lives, heh, heh). Perhaps if it is not raining tomorrow I can play outside.

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