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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sew educational

I've been at a friend's house helping her get ready for a big upcoming convention by cutting and sewing. I've never used a serger before so that was a learning experience. I learned that I don't like the cutter. It is mean and hurtful, cutting off pieces I don't want cut. My friend, who is very understanding (and VERY patient) let me turn the cutter off. I also found out that even if two legs don't match exactly when serged, they seem to match very well after they are hemmed. What's with that? Apparently it doesn't really matter since the elastic gathering will hide many a flaw anyway.
Before I left last night I think we had cut enough fabric for about 15 cloaks. I'm glad I was there since panne (pronounced pa nay) is quite slippery so four hands are better than two. My friend will be doing a lot of sewing this week. I may go back this weekend to help some more. Was going back at a different time but, after looking at my calendar, realized I couldn't.
And there's nothing like leaving parts of your sewing machine at home. I learned that I can sew without the bobbin cover. How 'bout that? I'll have it with me when I next go down.

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