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Sunday, July 25, 2010

I can't believe but it really happened. I slept.....all day yesterday. I'd wake up, look at the clock, maybe answer Mother Nature's call, then go back to sleep. I decided, finally, that enough was enough and I really needed to eat something. And while eating I caught up on mail..mostly. After that I went upstairs, read a while, and slept again 'til this morning. Guess I was tired, huh.
Didn't realize trying to be creative while listening to someone hammering the heck out of a piece of copper (almost constantly) could be so tiring. but I would do it all over again and probably will next year.
If you want a laugh this morning go to http://tatersmamastakeonthings.com. Her eulogy for the Pillsbury dough boy is great.

Have a peaceful Sunday and remember: Life is a four-letter word.


Tatersmama said...

Ahh... it sounds as if you really needed the sleep! Sleeping all day and then all night long is a dream of mine... but it'll never happen!

And thanks for the ermm... sending folks over! ;)

Momlady said...

It'll happen some day, Tmama. And you're welcome, I think.