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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm hommmmmmmmmmme

I'm back from my trip to Tennessee. Seeing my friends was a dual experience. The first happy to see them, the second sad to see that they were both in ill health. My friend V's cancer is in remission, although her white count is not what it should be. J's mind is going more quickly. V has to tell him just about everything he has to do and Goddess help us when we go somewhere 'cause she has to tell him which way to turn half the time. I don't think it's going to be long before his keys are taken away.
Friday night we went to downtown Knoxville to the gallery V has some of her stained glass pieces in. We then walked down to the Salvadore Dali exibit. Oh, before that we went into the Mast General Store so I could get a couple of t-shirts that have sayings on them. Unfortunately the choices are getting slimmer. Anyway, Saturday we went to Dandridge to watch the fireworks. I think I threw something out while walking on the dam as my left hip is letting me know it isn't happy. Luckily a visit to the chiro ought to take care of that. It was a late night so I slept in the next morning. Unfortunately, Miss Priss, the cat, woke V up at a very early hour. Sunday was family gathering day. There were 11 of us to feed. Lots of good food and company. I enjoy seeing the "rest" of the family once a year. Sadly V got sick around 3 the next morning. I believe it was because she ate a lot of food her body isn't used to any more. She also did a lot more than usual, getting ready for the gathering. At any rate, we sat around Monday and did almost nothing except watch TV.
Yesterday I drove home through the beautiful Smoky Mountains. It's always nice to see the rhododendrons in bloom near the top of the drive. I'm glad I chose to come home yesterday instead of Monday as I heard traffic was horrendous. When I got here I decided it was time to take a nap. Hooray for naps. Now it's back to reality.

Y'all have a great day and remember: It takes a long time to become young....Pablo Picasso

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