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Saturday, July 31, 2010

I thought I was going to get some organizing done yesterday. Not. I did get some sewing done and made one pair of earrings. Decided I didn't like the head pins I had for the earrings so that scotched that project. The quilt top is coming along nicely, though. It's going to be a gift, I've decided, for a family member (no, not you K, wrong colors). I need to start thinking of that time of year since it always seems to sneak up on you. I like to choose items I believe fit the recipient and look throughout the year so I won't be caught at the last minute and spend too much money, etc.
It looks like it might rain today. Good. We can use it and it might cool things down a bit. Luckily it didn't rain the day I killed weeds. Now all I have to do is take care of the underground hive of yellow jackets. I'll wait 'til dark to do that. I have an idea of where it is....approximately, but need to clear away some vegetation before I can insert the proper liquid in the hole. Best done with flashlight in hand after dark when they are not active. Needless to say I do not like being stung by those nasty little buggers.
Y'all have an interesting day and remember: Nothing is simple.


HermitJim said...

You be careful round those yellow jackets! They sure can ruin your day when they sting!

Hope you get enough rain to cool things off a bit!

Momlady said...

Thanks, HJ...we did get rain and it did cool things off a bit.