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Thursday, March 24, 2011

It rained so hard last night that I think the canyons in my driveway are now twice as deep. Looks like I'll have to get that taken care of.....sigh. The thrills of home ownership. I also have to get the light/fan switch in my bedroom fixed or I'll be a mite uncomfortable when warmer weather gets here.
Believing the weather forecast yesterday I didn't go outside to get stuff done in the garden but did get the laundry finished and some sewing and knitting done. Guess what....it didn't rain until the middle of the night!
The dogwoods are just about to be in bloom. I'd have azaleas underneath them if there weren't any deer around to eat them. The sight of the dogwoods and azaleas in bloom in the spring is what brought me to Georgia in the first place. I've now lived here for almost 30 years....the longest I've ever lived anywhere. I'm glad.
What's your favorite thing about where you live?

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Kyddryn said...

My favorite thing is that I'm close to me Mum!

The popcorn tree is popping...

Shade and Sweetwater,