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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wow, had to get up early 3 days in a row for the Sewing Expo. Had a great time greeting new people at the door while checking to make sure they had the correct "bracelet" or badge on. Also spent time in the guild booth selling chances on our "opportunity" quilt. Of course I spent money on fabric and some new stuff that I haven't tried before. My credit card isn't exactly weeping but I did put a good dent in it as well as spending cash. I think most of the cash, though, went for food. Always expensive at these things! Getting to spend some time with fellow guild members was cool. I plan on volunteering for the Quilt Expo in October. I have found that working the event gives me less time to go around and spend money. A GOOD THING. I always seem to have ideas in my head when I see stuff, but then after I've bought it and brought it home the idea is gone and I ask myself why I bought it.
There were some beautiful quilts on display. Made me wonder why I make them, mine are so pedestrian compared to the ones I saw. Of course, mine are more to be used than just viewed so maybe I shouldn't feel so bad. I am going to have fun, though, experimenting with some of the the stuff I bought. That is, when I can find time.
Time to get a move on and go check the pond. We're due for more rain tomorrow.
Y'all have a peaceful Sunday and remember: Going to church no more makes you a christian than standing in your garage makes you a car.


HermitJim said...

Sounds like you had a good time and that is always a good thing!

Gotta keep the ol'
gray matter working! Trying something new may just do it!

You have a great day!

Momlady said...

I'd hate to stop trying something new. How else can I find out if I like it or not?
You have a great day, too.