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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Feeling better this morning.  I have learned not to mix Sudafed with coffee.  I've never taken speed but I think I know what it feels like now.  Don't know how anyone could like feeling that way.  Spent the afternoon with friends at the gallery and that was really nice.  Think I caught a cold from the doctor's office air.  Either that or my sinuses are letting me know they don't appreciate this wacky temperature change we're having.  First it's cold, then it's warm. 
Off to the gallery again today but first I have to stop and vote.  Important thing, voting.  Unfortunately too many people shrug their shoulders and don't, then wonder why they are unhappy with the results.  Hey, folks, if you don't vote you don't get to complain!
Tenacious tree rat has been coming up on the porch in the morning.  I chase it off with the BB pistol.  Haven't hit it yet but it stays away for a day or so then forgets and comes back.
Something keeps piling mud and sticks on the cage covering the overflow pipe.  Don't know if it's a beaver or maybe a raccoon.  I don't feel like staking out the place so will just have to keep clearing it.  I'm trying to come up with some kind of solution to the problem.  You know, some way to keep the critter from even getting to the cage.  Any ideas?
Y'all have a precious day and remember:  Can't complain, but still do.


CottonLady said...

The time change has gotten to me too! Also, here in West Texas the temps have been up and down and we've had terrible winds with blowing dust! Have a headache all the time :(
My daughter can't take sudafed either and I have no side effects, go figure!? Hope you feel better soon. I stop by most every day but don't comment like I should.
Take care..blessings!

Momlady said...

How nice of you to stop by! Hopefully the weather will settle down soon. Benadryl seems to do fine but I still keep the tissues handy. You have a blessed day.