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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sun is shining today and it's a little cooler than yesterday.  Yesterday was prime weather for tornados.  It was 71 degrees here for crying out loud!  Thunder storm came through and the wind was wicked.  Didn't know about the tornado warnings until I turned on the TV to watch a particular program.  Nothing  but weather and warnings.  I was down in the basement when the storm hit here.  All I heard was hard rain.  Glad no tornado went through here. 
Had lunch with a friend.  Haven't seen her in a long time.  She used to live next door but sold and moved to another home after her husband died.  Apparently she had a breakdown not long ago but won't talk about it in public so the next time we have lunch it will either be here or her place.  Guess she needs to talk about it.  I think she needs to get out and socialize more.  I'm going to email her schedules of things she might be interested in....quilting, knitting and such groups.
Need to get some stuff done before going into the gallery so y'all have a loverly day.

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