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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The sun shines and it might even get up into the 40's today.  I'll be going down to the pond after I get my hair trimmed this morning, not because I want to freeze my hands but because, after the tremendous rains we had I need to go down and clear the pipe......again.  I really need to come up with a plan to foil whatever critter is stacking mud and twigs on the cage around the pipe.  Maybe if I put in a wider and higher cage?  Around the cage that's already there?  Anyone have any ideas?
Since this is my one day off this week I guess I'll be looking for a tree and trying to figure out where to place furniture so I can put up the tree in my living room which is not that big especially when K and family are here and the "cage" is up for the curious 11-month old.  I'm thinking a small tree will do.  Can't have an artificial tree.  They make me itch something fierce.
Well, need to get going.  Lots to do.  Y'all have a wondermous day and remember:  Everything I say is fully substantiated by my own opinion.


HermitJim said...

The little ones are so curious about all the lights and shiny things hanging on the tree!

Hope you get it all decorated up and just remember...don't overdo it!

Take some time to stay rested (as much as possible, ya know?)

Momlady said...

Rest? Isn't that a four-letter word? Found the tree....cheap.