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Thursday, November 3, 2011

I hate to think what it's going to cost but I took my faithful van in yesterday for the 200,000 mile service.  Because it is paid for I try to make sure that I get it serviced on schedule so it will last me a long time.  I don't understand people who have to trade their vehicles in every few years for a newer model.  It usually means that their vehicles are never paid for and they have a monthly payment for the rest of their lives.  It's like paying rent....you have a place to live but you don't own it.
I'd love to get my property paid off as well as what credit cards I have.  I'm working diligently on the cc's.  As soon as two of them are paid off I'll carry them for about 6 months then cancel them.  It would be nice if I could live without any of them, but in order to buy things off the internet from stores we don't have here I have to use a credit card.  I tried a paypal account but that didn't work well for me.  Oh well.
Going to the dr's for my 3 month A1c check.  Hoping it's gone down.  Trying to lose weight and eat right is not easy, but I'm trying.  I am down about 10 pounds....the goal is 24.  It's slow and I have to have patience.
Y'all have a tremendous day and remember:  live.


HermitJim said...

I think it's a wise move to keep the old van and not buy a new one!

I couldn't afford the payments on a new car now days! Not if I wanted to still eat!

Good luck at the doctors. Going to VA today for a blood test just to make sure the coumadin is working right!

These 6 weeks visits are a pain, but necessary I reckon!

Kyddryn said...


Bob Mc said...

You have the right idea. I drove my last pickup for 23 years. Been driving the present one for 16 years and counting. No payments. The house was paid for long ago. I have a credit card so I can shop online, but I pay any amount due on the end of each month, so I pay no interest. If you shop right you can often get free shipping. Even if I occasionally have to pay a shipping charge, it’s usually cheaper to let UPS bring it to me than to drive to town and back. Get out of debt and stay out of debt. It’s a great feeling.

Momlady said...

Hi, Jim. Thanks for stopping by. My A1c is down and I've lost 10 pounds. Will keep on working to lose the weight and get the A1c down even more. Have you thought of that new med Pradaxa? You don't have to go have your PTT checked. You do know what Coumadin is, don't you?
Have a great day.
Kyddryn: ??
BobMc: Van's in great shape and, it appears, so am I (so far). Yup, will get the CC's paid off ASAP. Wish I could say the same about the property. That's going to take a while. Glad you stopped by.