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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Going in today in hopes that there'll be some Sunday shoppers.  Had folks in yesterday (Yay) and actually had some sales.  We may or may not have a group coming in tomorrow from North Carolina.  A lady called during the week asking if we were going to have anyone demonstrating art on Monday.  Hope she comes through with the group.  Although I've been doing more knitting lately I'll switch to making jewelry since that's probably more interesting.  Watching someone knit can be somewhat boring I'm sure.  Besides the thumb on my left hand is letting me know I should be doing something different for a while.  I will have to continue the knitting in the near future since I am making gifts and want to get them finished.
Will be adding feline to the household in about a week.  Right now they are at the vet's and will be spayed (unless they test postive for fe-leuk and if so, well......).  I haven't had kitties in a while so I'm going to have to make some changes in the house as far as doors left open and those that need to be closed.  The kitties will keep their front claws and, since my grandson sleeps on an air mattress on the floor when he's here, the door to this room will have to remain closed.  If it isn't he may end up sleeping on a deflated mattress on the floor.
Guess that's enough rambling for today.  Y'all have a blessed day and remember:  Ignorance may be bliss but knowledge is power.


HermitJim said...

Nothing like the pitter-patter of little claws around the house!

You have to tell us the story of how you came to have a bunch of new ones at the house!

Here's hoping you start having some good crowds at the gallery and that they spend lots of money!

Have a great day!

CottonLady said...

And we'll want pictures of the little critters, too! I love my kitties, but they are outdoor cats and sleep in the garage at night to stay away from the coyotes.

Hope you do get the group tomorrow and you all sell a lot!