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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's off to quilt guild today.  Before that I plan to run some errands.  After guild it'll be knit group.  Went to WW yesterday.  I'm still at -17 lbs.  Hope to get to 20 before I leave on my trip.  I'm determined to get down to 140 by the time I get back by walking a minimum of 1 mile a day while on board ship.  Also while on board I'll start planning for next year.  That may sound early but it really isn't.
Looks like it wants to rain today.  It's already 57 outside.  Geesh, can't make up its mind.  Hot or cold?  I'd rather cold with the sun out, thank you.  I need sunshine!!  (and just as I wrote this it started to rain.)
Hopefully daughter will be coming up tomorrow.  Always nice to see her and the kiddies.  And she'll be able to get on the 'net while here since she doesn't have it at her house.
Have some things to do and errands to run before guild so I'll bid you a good day and y'all remember:  Life is just one damned thing after another....Elber Hubbard

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HermitJim said...

I hope you get a chance to see K and the kiddies!

Have a good time at the quilt guild today!

Crazy weather seems to be all over right now, doesn't it? Reckon this is going to be another one of those wild weather years!

You have a great day!