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Monday, May 1, 2017

Something different

The Hermit wrote about what some animal groups are called and I got curious to see if there were more.  I found a list that I'm going to share part of today then more later on.
These I found on Pinterest but they may have come from writeathome.com

an aerie of eagles
an ambush of tigers
an arc of doves
an army of ants, caterpillars, frogs
a bale of turtles
a band of gorillas, horses, jays
a bank of swans
a barren of mules
a bask of crocodiles
a bed of eels, oysters, snakes
a bevy of quail, swans
a blessing of unicorns
a bloat of hippos
a boil of hawks
a bouquet of pheasants
a brace of hounds
a building of rooks
a brood of chickens, jellyfish
a business of ferrets, flies
a cackle of hyenas
a caravan of camels
a cartload of monkeys
a cast of hawks
a cete of badgers
a charm of finches
a chattering of starlings
a clamor of rooks
a cloud of flies, gnats, grasshoppers
a clowder of cats
a cluster of cats
a critter of spiders
a coalition of cheetahs
a cohort of zebras

That's enough for today.  As you can see there might be more than one name for a group of animals, etc.  I wouldn't mind seeing a blessing of unicorns.
Y'all have a glorious day.


HermitJim said...

That's pretty cool! Glad you could find those and share them with us. Thanks for sharing that! I love this kind of information!

Momlady said...

There's more to come.