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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Had a good day at the co-op/gallery yesterday. Actually got some things done. Started a new project in the afternoon that I hope to finish today. If not today, tomorrow. Had dinner with friends at a local B&B (scrumptious) then on to a reception for the fiber show of some friends. Some pretty incredible stuff. Made me want to come home and "create" something. I didn't though. Too tired.

Going to watch the latest Harry Potter movie tonight. Maybe make some popcorn to go with. I'm going to have to buy it to add to the rest of them and when the last one comes out, buy that too so I have the whole collection.

The sun is out so perhaps it will warm up. It went down into the 30's last night. Glad I haven't planted any annuals. I'd have to go get replacements. May come home early today and take a nap. Didn't sleep well last night. Full moon and back ache. Had to get up to answer Mother Nature's call around 4:00 and boy, was it bright outside. Had a real hard time getting back to sleep.

Y'all have a lovely day and visualize using your turn signals.

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