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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Was awakened by thunder and lightning about 4 a.m. Hard rain, too. Thought I heard some dripping but hoping not. If so maybe down the chimney, not the wall.
Took the van in yesterday so they could replace the side mirrors. The guys didn't break them this time only the one on the driver's side must be from a carnival fun house. What I see is really distorted. They're going to order another one for me. If I had to look in that mirror too long I'd get dizzy.
Supposed to be another wet day. I'll be at the co-op/gallery. Going to try to get some more stuff done for my daughter to take and sell in June when she goes to Ohio. I decided not to go this year as I want to get stuff done around here that has been neglected for so long because I was always away. Or so it seemed. And there's lots to be done. It may take a while to catch up but I'm going to try.
Y'all have an interesting day and: believe

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