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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Real hard rain and wind last night. Could see the effect on the wall next to the chimney. Sure hope the guys can get it fixed soon or the wall's gonna turn gooey (sheetrock). I'm almost afraid to take the sheetrock down to see what's behind it. Hopefully the wind that's blowing today will dry things out.

Dug in the garden again yesterday but didn't get much done. Will attempt to get out there again today or tomorrow, God willin' and the Creek don't rise. Yesterday it got to 80, today it might get to 40+. Yup, it's April. I'll know the warm weather is finally here for good when the hummingbirds let me know it's time to put out the feeders. Although they've been fooled in the past. Guess it's time to get a move on. Gonna get my hair cut today then have lunch with a friend. Almost forgot today is knit day. The socks are done so it's on to another project, but not another pair of socks. Don't know if I'll do another pair. Maybe, just to make sure I remember how.

Y'all have a calm day and remember: a meal without wine is called breakfast.

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