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Friday, April 29, 2011

I'll get this written before Windows decides it wants to install updates with or without my permission.
Had a very nice day yesterday with some of the ladies from the guild. We went to Franklin for lunch and some shopping at the quilt shops. On the way we went through Mountain City. Holy cow, what a mess. The tornado went through and wreaked a lot of havoc. In one spot, when the tree went down its roots separated the small wing of a house and lifted it up so it was sitting all cock-eyed agains the main part of the house and on the tree. Lots of trees down and lots of trees snapped off about 2/3 of the way up. Ouch. Then I saw film of houses around Lake Burton. Mother Nature sure doesn't care about how much money you have. I'm talking million dollar homes smashed to smithereens. I've never seen such a mess here. I'm sorry for the folks who lost eveything and saddened by the loss of lives. Like I said....Mother Nature doesn't care. I guess we were luckier than Alabama for sure. I hope to never see such devastation again for a long, long time.
Have to remember to call for a burn permit today. Family is coming up and we're going to burn the brush/tree pile on Sunday the 1st.
Hope Prince William and his bride have a happy life. I didn't bother watching. While there is a lot of pomp associated with such a wedding and actors and actresses just MUST be seen there, it doesn't affect me in any way that I know of and I think that it's just a lot of fluff for the TV stations to show.
Gonna get going....y'all have a bright day and tonight wish upon a star. Who knows? It may come true.

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HermitJim said...

It's terrible what the storm did up there! So many folks lost all they had!

Like you say, Mother Nature doesn't care how much money you have! She does what she wants!

Glad you had a good time with friends...that's always a good thing!