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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Blogspot is resisting me this morning. I can't seem to get to my favorite reads. Everytime I try the little indicator just turns and turns and turns and the green bar at the bottom of the screen doesn't budge. Soooo, I guess I'll wait until later and try again.
Meanwhile, back here at the ranch, yesterday I successfully finished all the sewing on the challenge block and will now endeavor to embellish it. The fabric I used for sand loves to fray so I had to put stuff on the edges, otherwise whoever wins the thing won't be able to sew that particular area as there will be nothing but threads hanging out. Like I said before the fabric sent to me did not inspire, but I have persevered and I hope the winner of the challenge will be able to do something with it.
It's another gray day, dammit. Hope yours has some sun.


Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Dunno squat about the computer thingie..
Fuzzy sand, eh? Can't says I've anymore a clue 'bout thst one, either! ha!
Hope you have a great, if grey, day!

Momlady said...

My day was gray but my mood picked up later in the afternoon. Thanks.