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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wow, it actually got up to 49 degrees yesterday. Almost summer! The ice is melting on the pond, then refreezing over night. It's in the high teens this a.m. The sunrise is spectacular....red, red, red fading into orange, then blue.
Didn't get much done yesterday except finding out that the "Service engine soon" light was merely telling me that the engine was not up to operating temperature. Huh? I'm told that I don't need to worry about it especially since it didn't come back on. Well, I'm confused (and not just 'cause I'm female, dammit. I have taken an engine apart and put it back together...properly...with the help of a friend). I just didn't know that a car engine had a proper operating temperature. And you think I'm going to ignore that light? Oh, no. It might not be the same thing if it comes on again. The first time it was an O2 sensor failing. (Just for your edification, the O2 sensors have something to do with rich and lean mix and when they fail you don't get much gas mileage). If you want to know more ask your local service technician. Sooooo, if it comes on again I will take my van in again.
Going to the gallery today to make more jewelry. The knitting has been completed so I can get back to business. Guess it'll be more earrings. If you want to see a sample my daughter Kyddryn has some pictures on her Etsy site. I'm going to give her more to put on there in hopes that something will sell.
That's it for today......blessed be.

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