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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Hooray, another day of sunshine! But it's a bit nippier this morning. All of 30 degrees when I got up and stumbled half asleep downstairs. The air is still although the wind is supposed to pick up a little later. That's okay with me as it will, perhaps, dry the ground out a bit. I had standing water in the driveway yesterday and it was still wet when I took out the trash this a.m..
Daughter and J and the Evil Genius are coming up today. I'll walk J around and show him what I want done in the yard. Daughter has an appointment so the Evil Genius will stay here and help J with the yard work. Good for him to get out in the fresh air. I'm so glad he (the EG) doesn't get to sit around all day watching TV or playing video games. Yes, he's home 'cause he's home schooled and people can tell he is (maybe because he can carry on an intelligent conversation with adults).
Only 6 days to go before I get the heck out of here and into the sunshine. I need to stay busy. Daughter says she is half packed already! Me, I'm going to try very hard to use the middle sized suitcase, not the big one. I've pared down the outfits since I'm not going to try to impress anyone with my style and have decided that wearing the same outfit twice or thrice won't kill me. Fashion maven I'm not. During the day...jeans or bathing suit. That takes care of a lot of it.
My computer is going with me but don't expect anything. The cruise line charges an arm and leg for the air time. It's just going so daughter can download pictures from her camera so she can take more pictures (which I sure she will post some of when we get back).
Have a clear day.....

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