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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Woo Hoo....getting a haircut today. It's been two months since the last one and my hair has grown at least an inch. Now...to some people that's a good thing. For me, no. I can't do anything with it except let it just sort of lie there. What I want is a haircut I can do something with. Something short, something fun! The reason for so much time in between cuts is because my former hair person had a baby and took two months off. And now one has to make an appointment at least three months in advance. Besides which I have to drive 30+ miles to get there. Soooo....I am trying someone in town today. Someone with whom I don't have to make an appointment so far in advance (how do I know what I'm going to be doing 3 months from now?). Daughter is coming with me to have the blue put back in her hair (this for the cruise). It's my treat 'cause I know she can't afford it and she really misses the blue.

Daughter's Someone (who I will refer to as J from now on) and son (the Evil Genius) are coming with her. J is hopefully going to get some yard work done for me. I'm sure the Evil Genius will want to help and it will be good for him to be outside in the fresh air. Hopefully my friend R can help fix the tiller that J seems to have killed. It's borrowed so I'm sure he wants to return it in good shape. Daughter was going to call R to see if he would be willing to look at it and fix it if possible. If it's possible he'll do it...he's that kind of person.

I always look forward to mother/daughter time and today is no different. We'll be sharing hair fixing time and maybe a quick stop into the yarn shop (not that either of us needs any more yarn). We don't get much time together without the Evil Genius. We cherish every minute. That's one reason I am looking forward to this trip we are taking.

The day awaits....hope yours is wonderful....blessed be.


HermitJim said...

I think your hair looks good already...but if getting a haircut makes you feel good, then go for it!

I do hope you and the daughter have a good day together...and that you can get the tiller repaired!

What ever you do...have a good time!

Boomer Pie. said...

I used to live in a log cabin in Blue Ridge, GA. But got lonely so moved back to the city. Good luck with your hair cut and your blog. I signed up to follow you. Stop by my place and return the favor if you like what you see.

Momlady said...

HermitJim...did J send a picture with me in it? Drat. As for the tiller, that's for J to take care of and I'm sure he'll be successful.

BoomerPie...thank for stopping by. I like the quiet life. Will check out your blog.

HermitJim said...

No...didn't get a picture of you from J...but I still think your hair looks nice (even if it is in my minds eye).

Of course, id you want to send me one...!