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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Gray (grey?) day.

The sky is gray (grey?) this morning. Looks like snow clouds but, alas, it's too warm for that. So it's probably going to rain. The poor ground is still saturated so this will no doubt make more mud than anything else. I really enjoyed the sunny days, even when they were cold. Guess I'm a sun lover. Too many gray days and my inner self turns gray....and blue...and I don't have any enthusiasm for anything....just want to curl up under the covers and forget the world. Understanding the onset of said grayness I attempt to thwart it by finding something to do. Usually shopping, which is not good. But sometimes I just browse, checking on what's out there. I don't buy clothes. Heaven only knows the last time I purchased any type of apparel. My stepmother would be appalled. I may have to do some clothes shopping for the trip. There's a shop in town that has some fairly inexpensive nice tops. Hmmmmm.
Am working on the challenge square for the cruise. It's difficult going since I'm winging it on the design. The fabric they sent does not inspire me in the least so I have to fight that, too. I'll get it done, but don't expect it to bring oooh's and aaahhh's from the judges. Just...need...to...get...it...done.
Blessed be....


HermitJim said...

That's one reason I like shopping at the Goodwill stores! When you buy something, it isn't new and it does satisfy the urge to spend! Prices are well withing my budget, as well...!

As far as the getting ready for the cruise...you can DO it! I have faith in ya...!

Momlady said...

I may have to start shopping there as well. We do have a good thrift store here in town and the clothes are in great shape.
As for getting ready for the cruise I'm glad someone has faith in me. I'm working on it and have ideas on finishing.