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Thursday, January 7, 2010

My butt muscles hurt. Must be all that climbing up and down the ladder to cut in. Whew! Glad that's over. Maybe that would be a good exercise to get me in shape?!

We had a very important meeting yesterday. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) we will be losing the gallery as the power company that has been kind enough to let us use it for the last 12 years has given it to the state and the state is going to use it for a welcome center. June is our last month there. In the meanwhile we will be looking for other quarters and, perhaps, some benefactors that would like a nice tidy tax write-off. The reason I said maybe fortunately is because things were beginning to look stale. Granted we have many artists with their works there, but the atmosphere I guess you could say, was lacking something. A fresh start somewhere else may be the answer. At any rate, the building will look as good as we can make it when we leave.

We are supposed to get snow this afternoon. The county has already made the decision to close the schools early. Let it come. I have firewood for the fireplaces and woodstove so I'll keep nice and warm if the power goes and I have my 4-wheel drive pickup truck if I absolutely need to go anywhere (which I doubt). I'll just snuggle up in my chair, do some knitting or such, and watch the flakes come down. We don't get snow as much as in the past so it really an event now. I do feel sorry for the citrus growers in Fl. I just hope the weather hasn't affected the Honeybell oranges my brother ordered for me. I look forward to getting them every year they are so scrumptious.... and you can only get them in January.

Must get ready to go......have a peaceful day.


HermitJim said...

Now that's the way to spend a Winter's day! Maybe throw in a good book and I'm good to go!

Gonna have to come visit your neck of the woods someday!

Momlady said...

Me? I love a good book. Usually read before going to sleep. Sometimes will read all day.

Wait until Spring if you want to visit. Then you can see all the azaleas and dogwoods in bloom.

Hey, door's open. And I have rockers on the porch....along with an ashtray.