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Friday, January 22, 2010

My daughter says she's hitting the wall. This weather has me wanting to run away or get into bed and pull the covers over my head. I have no get up and go, instead it got up and went. I was going to knit night yesterday but instead came home and took a long nap. Too late for me to go anywhere when I woke up. I watched a couple of shows on TV then went to bed to sleep some more. This morning is gray, just as gray as my id. Can't think of what I might want to do except go back to bed. Guess I could go pay for my business license. Whooopeeee. Guess I could work on the challenge square (oh joy oh rapture) that does not inspire me at all right now, but it has to get done. Not a winner this one.
Daughter sent me an email with 5 "Fours". I couldn't figure out how to copy and send it elsewhere so I'm going to post them here. Feel free to answer them yourselves.

1. The four places I go over and over: Grocery store, pharmacy, gallery, crazy.
2. The four people who email me regularly: Daughter, brother, Joke, Denise
3. My four favorite smells: baking bread, burning leaves, sea air, baby
4. Four places I'd rather be right now: anywhere but here, anywhere but here (but warm), anywhere but here (with sunshine), with family
5. Four people I think would respond: haven't a clue
6. Four current TV shows I watch: Bones, Leverage, NCIS, The Mentalist

There you have it. A small glance into my fours. What about yours?

blessed be

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