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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Rain, rain, rain. Boy did it rain last night! It's going to rain again today. Drat! Wish it was snow. Looks like I'm going to have to go down to the pond to check on the overflow pipe there was such a downpour last night. And wind, lots of wind. I suprised I didn't hear the crack of trees falling. Poor trees. The ground is so saturated that those with shallow roots just can't hold on when a big wind comes along. The pines, especially.
Daughter and her Someone came up yesterday afternoon. We played a rousing game of triple Yahtzee, then went out for BBQ, only Someone had catfish instead. Back home it was time for football. I left them watching some game or other and read for an hour or so. Think we'll go have brunch somewhere (they're still asleep) then watch another game this afternoon although, quite frankly I couldn't care less. Too many commercials. All sports on TV have too many commercials. And as far as I'm concerned the athletes are paid way too much. But then again, so are many CEO's. I don't have any favorite teams but do sort of favor the Atlanta Braves and Falcons....not that they are stellar.
It's off to other places in the great blue nowhere......have a dry day.


HermitJim said...

Better you than me, having to deal with the sports on television.

I would think that when someone comes to visit...conversation and discussion would be the order of the day! But what do I know...I'm pretty anti-social!

Momlady said...

They went home after brunch so I didn't watch the game. And we do have conversation, a good bit of it since there are so many commercials. Besides, I pay more attention to my knitting than I do the boob tube.