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Friday, April 30, 2010

Goin' with the gals....

Today I'm going with some of the "gals" from the quilt guild to some quilt shops in nearby NC. These ladies go once a month and make a day of it. I've wanted to find out where these shops are but was never notified when they were going (even though I asked many a time) but this month I made sure I knew when they were gonna go. There's one particular shop that has a birthday club. If one signs up a discount is received in the month of one's birthday. Don't know how much the discount is but I believe it is substantial. Even though my birthday was this month I won't get one since I haven't signed up.....yet. I plan on doing so today so next year I can get that discount. We have no quilt shops close by so it will be good to know where these are. Plus it is a pleasant drive and these ladies are quite entertaining.
With that said I need to get a move on to get ready. Thought I would spruce up a bit and that could take a while.

Have a good day and smile a lot. Not only does it make people wonder what you are up to, it works a lot of muscles in your face.

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HermitJim said...

Hope you have fun at the quilt shops! Nothing like an adventure to end out the week, huh?

I'll bet you don't need to spruce up all that much! Probably a knock-out just the way ya are!

Have a great day!