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Friday, April 9, 2010

I'm surviving

I'm surviving my gig with the Evil Genius...so far at least. Took him to Foxfire Homesteading Days this morning. We walked...a lot...and saw a bunch of interesting stuff. He saw and played with some old timey toys, got to make some rope. Saw a bunch of log cabins and almost got to do some laundry the old fashioned way. I took some pictures and if I can figure out how to put them up here in the next day or two I will do so. Must have tuckered him out 'cause he slept the whole way home. I took a short nap when we got back while he played quietly in his room (he's good like that). We'll be looking through the booklet we got and I know he would like to go back. I'm glad we went in the morning. It began to get crowded as we were wending our way back down to the van. Tomorrow would have been impossible crowd-wise. Today we could park on the grounds. Tomorrow they are running a shuttle from the bottom of the mountain. I don't do crowds well.

More later..... If yur'oe albe to raed tihs tnahk yuor biran.

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HermitJim said...

I must be tired as well...because I can read it OK.

I'll bet he was fascinated by the old toys and the like!

Just another thing we have in common...I don't do crowds well, either!