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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Carpenter bees

I'm getting the house sprayed against carpenter bees. I did not realize until last year that this was possible. I had a big problem with squirrels trying to chew their way into the house in Feb. last year. Found an animal control person and called him. He came and blocked all possible places so the tree rats (I mean squirrels) couldn't find a way in. I have no attic, you see, so if this one particular tree rat had chewed its way in it would have landed on my head. Anyway...he (the animal control guy, not the tree rat) and I were chatting and I happened to ask about carpenter bees. He said he had a solution and could take care of it at the proper time. Cool! So he did last year and there definitely aren't as many around this year. I'll have it done next year, too. He also sprays the house in the fall agains lady beetles. No, I don't mean ladybugs I mean Asian lady beetles. Those nasty things that look like ladybugs were imported to get rid of the aphids on the pecan trees. Just like every other living thing that has been imported to take care of a "problem" they have taken over, especially in the winter when they invaded the house so badly I could hardly see out the windows on the south side. They don't taste good ( I know from experience. Never take a drink without looking first.) and they bite and smell bad when you kill them. I had very few this year and will have C spray the house again.
Now, before you tree huggers out there get your knickers in a twist, I do this to save my home and my sanity. What C uses does not harm any of the plants around the house, etc. If you use any kind of commercial weed killer you are doing more harm than C.

Will leave you with this thought: My life is loosely based on a true story.

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