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Thursday, April 8, 2010

casa de crazy

Well, here I am at Casa de Crazy. I decided to bring my computer along for those few moments of quiet time. The "kids" haven't gotten on the road quite yet. They'll be leaving soon though and hopefully have a fairly dry trip. Liquid sunshine is supposed to prevail today. The van looks like they have packed the whole house. Not their stuff though. Stuff to sell at the event they are going to. Maybe daughter will lose the cough and runny nose caused by allergies when she gets down there. Different climate and all that.

Yesterday afternoon the Evil Genius asked if I wanted to play our spelling and math game. That's where he puts together a bunch of letters and I'm supposed to make a word out of them. (That is, say the word that he has "spelled".) It gets interesting, especially when he forgets to put in a vowel or two. We started with the numbers. Roman numerals. He put down the letters and I guessed the number. Actually this was after he counted in Roman numerals! Good grief! Wonder what we'll do today.

Thought for the day: Be happy you are on top of the dirt.


HermitJim said...

Sounds like a good reason to be happy...being on the right side of the dirt!

Looks as though you have your time there all planned out for ya by the Evil one!

The main thing..have fun!

Momlady said...

It's certainly interesting.