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Friday, January 7, 2011

Didn't get much done at the co-op yesterday. Helped move in some of the stands and bookcases that were brought over from the gallery. More stuff coming today. My muscles are going to let me know they are there for sure. I need the exercise.
We may get some more winter weather tonight or tomorrow. It's kinda gray out there now. Got my electric bill and almost fainted it was so high. I've turned off the heaters on the back porch. Sorry plants. There are two I can't move inside so if they croak, they croak. My budget can't afford to keep them alive. Have I told you how much I despise heat pumps? Just let the temp get 32 or below and they just can't keep up. Never again if I ever build again. Next month I'll turn down the thermostats before I go on my trip. I've turned off the one in my room.
Y'all have a cozy day and remember: Being loved gives you strength. Loving someone gives you courage....Lao Tzu


HermitJim said...

Everything is getting so expensive as of late. Harder and harder to keep up with all the expenses.

I sure could use a raise, but we know that ain't gonna happen!

You have a great day!

Momlady said...

You have a nice quiet day, Jim. You deserve it.