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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Still can't get out due to ice on road. I have intermittent internet. Spent over an hour with "Brian" (in India) yesterday then at last was passed on to someone who speaks the Queen's English. Everything in their equipment appears to be working perfectly. I may need a new ethernet cable. Simple to buy......when I can get out. Supposedly the man who usually does our roads is coming in today to plow. I hope so.
Spent the morning knitting. Decided to see if I could get on the 'net and whoo hoo here I am....temporarily at least. I keep looking at the little icon in the lower right hand corner to make sure I'm still on.
My poor heat pump must be exhausted. It was down to 11 degrees this morning when I got up. Near 41 now which is hopefully melting some of the stuff. Unfortunately it may freeze up again tonight. Sigh.
Supposed to get into the 50's over the weekend. I wouldn't might this cold and snow so much if I could get out and about. I don't have my 4-wheel drive anymore so have just had to find things to do here. People who live with this kind of weather every year laugh at us southerners when we get storms like we had 'cause our road departments just aren't equipped. That's okay. At least we don't have to put up with it every year.
Y'all have a warm day and remember: Think outside the quadrilateral parallelogram.


HermitJim said...

I'll bet you will be happy when you're able to get out! Not that you want to, but having the option open is always nice!

That cruise is looking better and better all the time, right?

Momlady said...

Cruise is looking wonderful!