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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lost the internet yesterday and part of today. Don't know why so I unplugged everything, counted to 10 and replugged. Guess it worked. Could be the modem is getting old. Will have to call the young man who installed the unit and get his opinion. Since I am only leasing the equipment I should be able to get a replacement no charge.
We had snow. Boy did we have snow! Unusual for this area. We got about 8 - 9 inches. Then it turned to freezing drizzle which put a coat of ice on top of everything. My poor van looked like a vancicle. I see blue sky out there now....in patches and hear snow/ice sliding off the roof. Still can't get out, though. Everything will probably ice up tonight. At least I got all my laundry done and was able to get the cruise challenge square finished. I don't like the square but couldn't come up with much in the way of ideas with the fabric they sent.
Saw deer track coming right up to the front of the house where I dumped all the sunflower seeds. Little birdie tracks on the porch. At least I think they were birdie tracks. I didn't hear anything out there so I'm guessing the tree rats are staying away from the porch.
Have watched more TV than I want to admit to but can't continue to do close work all day. Makes my eyes go wonky. They don't re-adjust as quickly as they used to.
Y'all have another cozy day and remember: friendship is having enough dirt on each other that you'll never part ways.

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HermitJim said...

Sounds like another good day to stay at home, that's for sure!

Glad you got your Internet working again so quickly!

Bet you'll be glad to be getting on that cruise ship, huh? You lucky girl!