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Monday, January 31, 2011

Saturday, the day I start my trip, is coming soon. I have lots to do in the meantime. I got my baby time yesterday. And the shopping done that I needed to do. Now all I have to do is clean house, finish laundery, decide what to take and pack. I'll save the packing 'til Friday. Don't want the clothes to get too wrinkled. Good thing I'm not afraid to wear the same outfit more than once. And one can come up with a LOT of outfits with jeans and a few shirts. Packing for a 20 day trip would be hell otherwise. I'd have to have a ginormous suitcase. I have two mid-size instead. Easier to handle and, in the long run, they hold more.
Did some laundry yesterday in my new machines. Oh, boy, they're marvelous. No more stooping over to load the dryer. Everything neatly placed in the drawers below. Washing machine nice and quiet. I'm glad I got 'em.
It's raining today...a good day to get things done. Y'all have a quiet day and remember: Different is not another word for wrong.

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