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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My daughter tells me that although I only have one follower (her) that doesn't mean I only have one visitor to my blog. You'd never know it since there is seldom, if ever, any comments made to what I write. 'course that might be because my life appears a bore.
For instance.....today, it's raining. I need to start making peppermint and cinnamon meringues. A rainy day is not the best time due to humidity and all. But I need to get started on them so I will make a batch or two today anyway and store them in an airtight container.
I have a shawl I'm trying to finish knitting asap so I can start on another. Thank the gods these are not for Yule or Christmas or I'd really be in a panic. They don't need to be done and blocked until the end of January. But wait....now I have to come up with a beginning block for a round robin our bee is doing for an auction. There are five of us and I got to be first, oh boy. So now I have to think of that as well as trying to come up with a block for the challenge for the cruise in February. And a friend is coming down for a week in January so I can "teach" her how to make jewelry. Yikes! Just thinking about all that has to be done is beginning to make my head spin. Aaaannnnddd...since there is so much to do...I'm gone for today.

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