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Monday, December 7, 2009

Hooray for me! Another batch of meringues done yesterday morning. While waiting for them to bake, some knitting was accomplished. Then it was off to the gallery to return the display items used on Saturday, as well as putting what I didn't sell on display there. My daughter and her best friend were being creative when I met them there. And there was a nice reception by Donna Voll and her mom to celebrate their exhibit in the Heritage Room.
Today is Dr. day, one for the back, the other for the feet. And I need to order my usual Christmas flowers to be sent. Then it's back home to start the BIG clean. Ordinarily I don't bother since it's usually only me here. I'm having family here this year so I need to get rid of all my clutter and at least dust and vacuum. Daughter is coming up to help since I helped her clean the Evil Genius' room.
Today is Pearl Harbor day, the day I got married and almost the same date I got divorced. My thanks to all those who fought. Your service is much appreciated and I don't think you hear it often enough. THANK YOU.

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