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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It was a tiring day, but a wonderful one with family and a nice bonfire. Even had fire department personnel here for a while to make sure nothing but the pile burned. Actually it's still burning (a little). I plan to go out a little later to make sure it keeps going. There's still lots left to burn. About half the pile, actually. Daughter, Someone, the Evil Genius and I had a small ceremony before lighting the fire. It was stubborn and took a lot of work to get going. Everything was so packed and it had rained and rained. The pile has been there for a year so one would think that it would burn in no time, but no air getting to the flames was part of the problem.
Son came with his family and it was great to see the children. Grandson has grown a great deal. You'd never know he was so small when he was born (1lb. 11oz). He'll be 2 in February. He had a good time playing with a wooden train that I had bought for the Evil Genius to play with while he's here (he still plays with it and he'll be 7 in Jan.) The girls have grown also, of course, and are quite smart (they are home schooled).
Son lamented that all the goldfish in his pond were now gone thanks to a blue heron. Apparently they were getting quite large. He's going to work on coming up with some type of barrier to put over the pond in the winter so birds can't get to the new fish he'll be putting in. The only reason the heron was successful apparently is because it has been cold and the dogs have been in the house instead of outside as usual.
Back to yesterday.....we all had a good time playing with the fire and keeping it going. There were a lot of snacks to be had and dinner was shepherds pie and pineapple upside down cake. The Evil Genius chose not to partake of either so he ate his mom's homemade bread (which was wonderful). Daughter took some leftovers home. I could not finish off all that was left, there was so much. I did freeze some of the pie for another time.
I look forward to seeing the pictures that daughter and Someone took. And there is some video of the fire to look forward to.
All in all a great day but I confess to being quite tired when everyone had gone. I slept well though.
Have a good day.

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