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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Today is gallery day and we are celebrating two birthdays. I made gluten free toll house cookies (yummy, if I do say so myself) instead of a cake since two of our members are celiacs and I'd hate for them not to be able to enjoy goodies. Especially since one of the birthday girls is gluten intolerant (celiac). We love to celebrate each others' birthdays. It happens almost every month. It's fun.
After that is off to knit group where we will be having some Christmas cheer and, since Jan is being generous with discounts, shopping for yarn, or needles, or whatever......maybe. I swear I have enough knitting needles to never have to quit knitting even if I have them all occupied at a time (which is impossible, of course). I have just about every size and length. Even double pointed ones.
So it's going to be a fun day. That's good, because tomorrow is serious cleaning day.


HermitJim said...

Sounds like you ladies are going to be busy for bit!

I tried to learn to knit once...a long time ago! didn't have much luck...!

Have a fun day!

Kyddryn said...

There's never enough yarn. Never.

Especially blue malabriggio (sp?) or cotton...ahem...

I'm cleaning Cassa de Crazy, breaking up the cleaning with computer time. Whew. Mop, mop, mop, and whose idea were these Pergo floors, anyway??

Oh, wait, never mind...

I'm also baking ome cookies for the Borders folks...Emily and the Barista and the rest...because I feel the need to keep busy. huh...wonder what that's all about? :-)

Shade and Sweetwater,