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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Another cleaning day and the last of the laundry to do. Then I can breathe, briefly, before family arrives. The Winter Solstice is almost upon us and I am anxious for the return of the sun. I am definitely NOT a winter person. Once it gets dark I don't want to leave the house. I want to stay where it is warm and there is light. Must be my ancestors coming through.
No rain today, I hope. The sky is mostly clear and there is quite a breeze blowing....drying things out perhaps. We did get a goodly amount of rain yesterday. I still have standing water in the driveway.
Last night I finished my first shawl. Hooray! Now on to the second one. I don't plan on finishing the second one in time, I have too many other things to accomplish by the end of January, but if I do I'll be able to give them to those I intend them for on the cruise. Otherwise they will have to wait until the end of August (Alaska here I come).


mizdeb said...

I feel the same way aout winter. Just want to stay home and hibernate. Should have been a bear!

Momlady said...

When I come back I want to be a well-loved and cared for cat. I'll get to curl up before the fire or on my caretaker's lap and stay nice and warm in the winter.
Glad you stopped by....have a wonderful day.