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Monday, December 28, 2009

Another gorgeous day. If it were warmer I'd be outside working in the yard. If it gets warmer I just may do that. I'll have to keep an eye on the time 'cause I have an appointment to get my eyes examined early this afternoon. Don't know what's going on but whenever I do close work (sewing, knitting, computer stuff) for a bit, my left eye seems to want to give me a second edge on everything. Kinda throws my vision off. Could be I need stronger lenses. We'll see. I'm at that age, ya know?
Have begun dismantling holiday decorations. Doing a little bit at a time since it means trips up and down the stairs to the basement. Yeah, I know, it's good exercise. And I really don't mind it. I'll be glad to be finished, though.
Would appreciate it very much if our government would start looking out for us, instead of themselves. I really think there ought to be term limits for senators and reps just like there is for president and governors. Do you think they might listen to what their constituents think and want more closely? Hmmmmm, guess not. Maybe if they had to have the same health insurance and social security as us "ordinary" citizens they might rethink some things. As it is I know they have forgotten that serving in the government is an honor not a career. When their terms are finished they should have to go back home and work, just like the rest of us. And pay taxes, just like the rest of us. Wish they could see past their pockets. and while they're at it, get rid of the PACs and vote for the Fair Tax (which would, if they learned more about it, bring in more money).
'nuf said for today.


HermitJim said...

Maybe if you put on some marching music for going up and down the stairs...it would at least make it more fun!

Gotta take our fun where we can, ya know?

Momlady said...

Not a bad idea! Or maybe some good ol' rock 'n' roll.