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Monday, January 18, 2010

Reading others' blogs is how I start my day. I don't follow many....I don't have the time. Well, actually I do for the most part, but I choose not to spend hours at this machine. When those whose I follow don't write for a day or two I miss them. I guess reading them somehow brings them into my life as if they were family (some of them are). Perhaps they write what they wouldn't necessarily say otherwise. Sometimes it's easier to put things in writing since you can pause and think first. And sometimes it's easier to say something on paper than it is face to face. I know there have been times when I would love to vent about certain things, but fear if I do it face to face, I'll say something I'll regret. When I was much younger and living with my father and stepmother I learned not to air my feelings because I was always told by my stepmother that that wasn't how I REALLY felt. Then she would proceed to TELL me how I felt. To this day I still have trouble opening up to other people. I've gotten better at it, but......

So keep those blogs coming, folks.

Blessed be


HermitJim said...

I too start my day reading the blogs of others! Makes me feel as thugh I have a shoulder to lean on if necessary!

Funny how we can get attached to things like blogs, huh?

You have a good day!

murphyfish said...

I too enjoy starting my day catching up on the blogs that I follow, I keep promising myself that I’ll cut down on the numbers that I follow but they all add something different to my day, from a recipe to sage advice, from a smile to stopping me in my tracks and really making me think. It would be so hard to stop following any of them so I won’t – simple eh? As for the writing, I also find it so much easier than talking, I have time to think about my musings and express it a far different way than I would when just talking about a subject, it’s not that I’m that dim, I just have a bit of a slow thought process! With this post you’ve managed to put into words how I sometimes feel about talking with others, thank you for sharing your thoughts.
Best Regards,

Momlady said...

Mr. Hermit, sir....I'll miss them whilst on the trip but will enjoy catching up when I get back. You have a good day, too.

Murpyfish, If I have given you something....you are welcome. My thoughts are not always thought provoking but it's nice to be able to express them somewhat anonymously.