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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Since I can't seem to leave a comment on Hermit Jim's blog page, I'll leave it here and those of you who read his blog will know what I'm talking about. Jim, thank you for taking all the calories we (daughter and I) sent you. You saved us from a perilous fate. We'd send more but will be busy soon with a new arrival. Perhaps later on in the year.
Was able to get out and about yesterday. It took me all afternoon to get all the back errands run. Went and bought a new washer and dryer so daughter could have my "old" ones. They still run just fine but hers are crapping out. Now they just have to come get them. Lowes had a deal so I took advantage of it. The gentleman who helped me was very knowledgeable about the brand I bought as he had worked for that company for 16 years. It's the same brand I have now and I find it very reliable and long lasting. Okay, okay, the brand is Whirlpool.
Must get a move on. I hope to make it to the co-op today. The main roads are just fine it's trying to get out of here that can be tricky. There's a shaded hill I have to get up before I can get out to the main road and it's usually nice and slick.
Y'all have a nice warm dry day and remember: Any time you think you have it made, you ususally don't.


HermitJim said...

Glad to do my part, Momlady!

I sure did enjoy the goodies you sent and just in case I didn't thank you before...THANK YOU!

Glad you can finally get out and about! Funny how weather that makes a good picture, makes for some really bad driving sometimes!

You have a great day, my friend!

Momlady said...

Yes, I'm ready for warmth and sunshine. Only 3 weeks to go!